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Apashe & JayKode are no strangers to "Annihilation" on Kannibalen Records

Kannibalen Records certainly never disappoints when it comes to bass music. The newest release showcases true demolition and sheer power with Apashe and JayKode. "Annihilation" is a classical and orchestral blend of the two producers' sound. 

Perfectly titled, "Annihilation" surpasses Apashe and Jaykode's fans' expectations. Opening with a massive orchestral hit, a piano arpeggio, and eerie strings, this sinister piece hesitates no more. This grotesque dubstep track incorporates a mosh pit of impressive sound design by 'throwing' the synths and mixing this technique with the strings. Additionally, Apashe and JayKode shake things up during the third drop with a double timed rhythm. The beauty truly lies from within, but there is also an insurmountable amount of bass, head banging, and wildly chaotic sound design sprinkled heavily throughout. 

Connect with Apashe:SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Connect with JayKode:SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Dubstep · Electronic


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