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MIA GLADTSTONE releases beautifully bold video for "Baby Don't Worry"

With the amount of songs out there about positivity and self-acceptance, it’s hard for any one of them to stand out in the crowd. To avoid falling into the trap of redundancy, these types of songs need to bring something original to the table, and MIA GLADSTONE has done just that with her video for “Baby Don’t Worry.” The singer-songwriter and producer describes the song as being about “unapologetically owning yourself and being comfortable without the validation of others” and she practices what she preaches in the video that features her in a dazzling full-body makeup from the artist Cupid’s Vault.

The Technicolor video, which was filmed in the Anza-Borrego desert in California, provides a fittingly stylish visual element to the music with its shifting color palettes, 90s aesthetic, and GLADSTONE’s lavishly bold makeup. The stunning visuals reflect an artist who has gone through the trials of self-doubt herself and come out the other side with an authentic sense of worth, giving added legitimacy to her words when she sings, “Look after your back, have caution / don’t let it keep you from stardom.” The combination of the thumping music with ethereal flute work from Cautious Clay, inspiring words, and striking visuals make “Baby Don’t Worry” a wholly unique and impactful piece of art.

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Photo credit: Jordan Tempro


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