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Hurricane Party gets juicy and weird in "Pamplemousse" [Video]

Eccentric duo Hurricane Party is here to remind us that the true essence of Florida is enveloped in its music, not in its mob film interpretations. Composed of rapper Bleubird and singer-songwriter RickoLus, Hurricane Party's appeal is found in the blend of soft rock, electronica, hip-hop, and much more in-between, creating a sound reminiscent of warm weather, palm trees, and drinking beer under the sun. Their newest track "Pamplemousse" is a perfect embodiment of this duo's carefree and celebratory ways of life, with the uniquely animated visuals premiering here today. Check it out below. 

The visuals for "Pamplemousse" are addictively captivating in their ordered chaos. Strange and somehow fitting all at once, the video features newspaper and magazine cutouts of coastal sceneries and a blend of people, animals, and even fruit seamlessly moving along to the beat. Of course, it's hard not to move along to it. Composed of a hypnotizing sequence of drumming which is then effortlessly supported by soft guitar plucks and breezy vocals, it's an instantly striking single. The true charm of "Pamplemousse", though, is in the hook: "Girl| I'm all right| Taking our time| Settling down"- simple, smooth, and daringly catchy. Around the 2:45 mark, Hurricane Party gently remind us why they have penned themselves as "yacht rap" with an almost tropical break showcasing Bleubird (Jacques Bruna) weaving verses of lust and good times.

When explaining the origin story for the track and consequent video, the duo shares that "we were chilling at Johann Sebastian Bach's tomb in Leipzig, Germany. While sitting in the pew listening to someone play a giant pipe organ, Rick started dreaming about having sex in the cathedral. That was where the idea for this video started." Fearlessly cheeky and always sounding like they're having a good time, Hurricane Party's easy way of life will continue to be translated into audial gems with the release of their newest album on July 5th via Limited Fanfare Records, which you can pre-order today

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2 years ago

Dope video for a dope track!