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Call 'Ground Control' — Radio Slave has us lost in space

Matt Edwards, also known as Radio Slave returns with his first solo material since 2017 with Ground Control / Last Communication, a celestial two-track EP released on Stranger In The Night.

The first track opens up with a catchy beat and with what are almost robotic sounds, moving into a series of ethereal chords, then a sultry bassline. The tune stays true to its outer-space feel with the title ‘Ground Control’ and feeling that you’re commanding a spaceship that is your body on the dancefloor.

‘Last Communication’ slows things down, for a more minimal/downtempo number featuring cymbal crashes, poignant synths, and a hypnotizing clicking melody that will take you on some kind of spiritual journey. It’s the kind of music that draws feeling and emotion right out of your soul that you didn’t know you needed.

Stranger In The Night will be an offshoot of Edwards’ label Rekids.

“With Rekids being 100% focused on releasing music for dance floors I felt the need to create a new platform to explore a wider musical vision, and invite some of my all-time electronic musical heroes to be a part of the series,” says Edwards.

We can expect music from King Britt, Anthony Rother, Fred P, and more Radio Slave in the coming months on Stranger In The Night.

Connect with Radio Slave: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  

Dance · Downtempo · Experimental


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