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Kate Tempest pens loving tribute with "Firesmoke"

Nobody can craft a love song quite like Kate Tempest. The British spoken word artist, rapper, poet, novelist, and playwright who has garnered international acclaim for her skills as a modern-day wordsmith is back with a new single entitled “Firesmoke.” The touching track is the first offering from her forthcoming album The Book of Traps and Lessons, which is set for release on June 14 via American Recordings/Republic Records.

“Firesmoke” features a delicately soulful and unassuming production from Rick Rubin and Dan Carey that provides an appropriate sonic backdrop for Tempest’s heartfelt lyrics. The team strikes a poignant balance between the quiet clarity and emotional sparks of romantic bliss. Tempest uses fire imagery throughout the song to communicate these complex emotions, writing, “I bathe in this fire / it warms without burning, compels without force / and it turns without turning the world / so please, you keep your purpose, your poise and your journey / I’ll be by the fire.” While many songs have been written about the gentle majesty of romantic peace, Kate Tempest proves on “Firesmoke” that her perspective and ability to weave a powerful narrative continue to be unmatched.

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