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LMBO kicks off their new EP with stunning electro-pop single "Still Love U"

LMBO has released the lead single "Still Love U" via Paradise Circus, from their forthcoming EP, and it's sure to become a favorite summertime poolside track. 

The alt-electronic duo LMBO composed of Michigan-born Koby Berman and Mike Swartz, have delicately laid their musical landscape full of intricate percussion and luscious synths over the past couple releases. In doing so, they have created a musical experience some might compare to an early Flume, mixed together with their own special touches. 

When asked about the creation of the single, the duo answered that "“Still Love U” serves as an introduction to the vibe of the EP- it blends together some of the most important melodies from the rest of the tracks. Each song represents something we were feeling in being overwhelmed by all of these new challenges in post-college life.”" 

While listening to "Still Love U" a softly crackling fire sets the mood as sweeping atmospherics dip into the drops, that then bounce with their horn like synths. Swartz also lays down a gentle vocal, that comfortably carries energy through the song, truly bringing the whole thing together. If this is only the first glimpse of the EP that is to come, then the LMBO boys should be someone to watch this summer. 

Connect with LMBO: Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundCloud | Spotify

Connect with Paradise Circus: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website



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