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Devin Xo brings in Monee Jae for a summer smash on "Vacation"

As the warm weather approaches for those north of the equator, the playlists of summer jams will be filling up fast, be sure to add this one. Devin Xo is one of the brightest voices coming out of Columbus, OH and in his newest entry he explores taking a "Vacation" from a relationship. 

The guitar-heavy production and sweet guest vocals from Monee Jae set the scene for Devin to make room in his life for a new summer love. Debating the feeling of wanting to leave a significant other can take a lot of work, especially when communication is failing. Lucky for us, one of Devin Xo's specialties is communicating his feelings in his music and it can lead to some really raw sounds. This track doesn't focus in too much on the pain but dig a little deeper into this discography and you will find the turmoil of the Ohio native. 

Devin has increased his musical output over each of the last two years and the trend looks to continue into 2019 with this cool summertime track. Check out our artist spotlight on Devin for more info on what makes him tick and to help further explain some of his music and follow the links below to keep up with what's new with Devin Xo.

Connect to Devin Xo: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram 



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