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Zimmer shares "Mayans" ahead of debut album [Video Premiere]

French producer Zimmer has been keeping busy as we get closer and closer to the release of his debut self-titled album, Zimmer. Over the past year, he’s released some stunning singles from the album, opened up about the personal track and video for “Landing,” and toured sporting a brand new live setup. Taking time to experiment and develop his sound, Zimmer’s forthcoming album is worth the wait. Hopefully satisfying everyone’s craving, the producer is sharing another taste of his album with the track and video “Mayans.”

“Mayans” continues with Zimmer’s confident swirling cosmic energy. Starting off quite minimal, “Mayans” ends up taking you on this arcing journey both sonically and visually when paired with the video. Meant to dive deep into Zimmer’s imagination, the CGI video was directed by Claire Palliser from the Parisian studio H5.

As more layers of sound come into play, it seems you get more of the mysterious storyline and more people drawn to whatever force is calling. There’s a natural crescendo and buildup of tension that’s really powerful for the listener. Maybe the people in the video are being called by “Mayans.” With its hypnotic, primal element, Zimmer has certainly created a captivating tune. Expect Zimmer’s full album this September on Roche Musique.

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