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Blu & Exile remind us they're still "True & Livin'" with new single

Blu & Exile are such an iconic duo they can be recognized right up there with pizza & beer, Facebook & privacy issues, and tequila & poor decisions. The once self-proclaimed "new Pete and CL" have both failed to walk in the same steps as their predecessors and replicate the enigmatic sounds of their debut collaborative album Below the Heavens. However, the two have both had success working apart from one another—especially as of late. Exile blended influences and produced a rich soundscape that reached across cultures from LA, to soul, to Chicano as a backdrop to Choosey's bold vocals on Black Beans. Blu recently saw incredible success on his most-recent A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Night tape that was produced with the help of Oh No

With their recent success and time apart, there's always the question of when these two would link up again. "True & Livin'" is the iconic duo's next attempt at re-creating the once-potent chemistry that produced one of rap's most beloved underground albums of all time.

The single's sounds should excite listeners plenty—Exile effortlessly flips a looping soul sample, throws in some scratches, and gives Blu his space; and Blu flows over the familiar production as if he'd never left this place he once called home. But the song isn't the only thing we're getting from the two. Blu & Exile have announced that there is an EP coming on May 24 that features Aloe Blacc, Fashawn, Dag Savage, Cashus King, Choosey and Blame One. With a guest list this tantalizing, we can only hope that the duo is aiming above the heavens with this release.

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