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Kill J explores the far reaches of her sound in experimental "Moon sick"

Mysterious and revealing all at once, Denmark's Kill J transcends the artist label into a realm of a glorified queen. Using her influence to spread meaningful and relevant messages with an inimitable production, this Scandinavian pop delicacy is more than just a set of pipes. With her forthcoming debut album Superposition dropping on June 14, she offers up "Moon Sick" as her latest single in a string of powerfully thematic releases. 

Her previous four releases off the new album have been politically and emotionally driven, perpetuating Kill J's personal philosophies and dynamic ruminations. "Moon Sick" is no different, inspired by a divergent but just as potent philosophy: science. Quantum mechanics to be exact, as she explains: "There are as many universes as there are choices, for every choice we make, there is a corresponding world. Somewhere there is a universe where I'm not an idiot and I am in a perfect relationship." Kill J serenades her newfound fascination with a scrupulous experimental production. Layering haunting negative space with distinguished whistle notes, "Moon Sick" is dark, at times twisted, but most impressively, it's comforting. Rather than instill anxiety and leave us with more questions than answers, it invokes inner peace and a sense of wonder at the world around us. 

"Moon Sick" heavily plays on the core theme of Kill J's debut album, which evolved around the world of particle physics and recent scientific discoveries. Having visited CERN in Geneva in preparation for its recording, Kill J infuses her mantra of "in the end, only science will save us" into every musical note, painting every fact and number with Nordic colour.  

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