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Donte Thomas and Bocha are pushing one hell of a summer anthem with "Venus Flytrap"

Portland's rising star rapper Donte Thomas has just released the visuals for "Venus Flytrap," featuring Bocha. The song, which is a bonus track on Thomas' upcoming album COLORS, finds the two Portland MCs collaborating on their version of a hustler's anthem.

Peep the @KingClinton directed visuals below.

“Venus Flytrap” kicks off with Thomas playing a round of tennis before a call from his plug pulls him from the game. This literal call to action sets up the remainder of the video; Thomas needs to hustle. From there, Thomas links up with Bocha, and the two provide a true-to-form summer jam.

It's no wonder that the video for "Venus Flytrap" features several shots of Thomas and Bocha rapping while cruising down the street. You can't help but blast "Venus Flytrap" out of an open window on a sunny day. The production, handled by DJ DD, has a wavy, sparkling feel that sounds like sprinklers and firecrackers surfing on a mellow wave.

And speaking of waves, both Thomas and Bocha ride this particular beat well. Thomas kicks things off with his usual set of sharp punches before drilling down into a furiously fast final verse. From there, Bocha picks up the mic and runs in a similar pattern, showcasing the range of these young MCs.  Thomas says, "'Venus Fly Trap' was Bocha and I pushing each other to be greater, and we didn't even know it at first! We were tired of not receiving the proper recognition in our city, so this was our way of saying 'give us our dues.'"

If "Venus Flytrap" is the first you've heard of Donte Thomas and Bocha, you're in for a treat - there's much more to come. Thomas plans to release COLORS in late June and hopefully another single or two between now and then. Until more news surfaces, watch the video above and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all things hip-hop.


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