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Kyan Palmer and nicopop. bring the summer heat in latest single "Headcase"

This collaboration between sultry R&B singer-songwriter Kyan Palmer and producer nicopop. is an eclectic artistic courtship built on the greatest passion of them all- music. Their newest release "Headcase" is a sweltering mix of dreamy vocals and sharply arranged percussions- making winter seem like a distant memory in the heat of their foot-tapping summer beats. 

Hitting all the right notes with an upbeat tempo and a punchy pop production, nicopop. perfectly attunes his vibrant style to Palmer's slow, airy vocals. The end result is a sophisticated West Coast sound reminiscent of breaking waves and city lights. It's a lively dreamscape created from the kindred beliefs of these two powerhouses. After meeting for a songwriting session arranged by their respective managers, Palmer and nicopop. soon realized that their matching went farther than jut songwriting: "We have a similar work ethic and taste palettes that compliment each other really nicely. I truly feel that when [we] work together, we make the music we've always wanted to be making." 

After spending time writing for others and finding success on their own, this dynamic duo is ready to tackle the next chapter of their creative endeavours together. Slated to release a steady stream of music this summer, culminating in a full-length project later this year, Palmer and nicopop. are making their mark on pop music one infectious release at a time. 

Connect with nicopop.:Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify

Connect with Kyan Palmer: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify

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