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Mall Grab joins forces with Nite Fleit on 'Moogie'

Australia exports Mall Grab and Nite Fleit have partnered up to bring us the Moogie EP that will be released this Friday, May 3.

Moogie will be the third release on Mall Grab’s label Looking For Trouble, following More Than I Ever Thought I Could/The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter released under Mall Grab’s real name Jordon Alexander, and How The Dogs Chill, Vol. 1 from Mall Grab.

The 4-track EP is “an introduction to the music that myself and Nite Fleit have worked on over the past year together. The product of swapping stems on tour, trains and at home, the ‘Moogie’ EP combines two individual and two collaborative tracks for the third release on the Looking For Trouble label," shares Mall Grab through their Facebook.

Moogie is a techno masterpiece composed of two individual and two collaborative tracks. First up is Nite Fleit’s ‘Hot Bot’, a high-energy track with a sort of cosmic dark twist and a throbbing bassline that immediately brings you to a dark warehouse with red lights, while Mall Grab’s “Reconaissance” is a 138BPM stomper that features a touch of breakbeat—something I’m finding is becoming an MG classic. You can really hear the UK influences in his newer sound.

“Anatomy of the Senses” is the pair’s first-ever collab and is the most organized chaos I’ve ever heard. The fast kicks and suspenseful synths make you feel like you’re rushing through the grocery store trying to get everything on your list in under 3 minutes. The acid bits make it a certified club banger. Somebody on SoundCloud commented “A thoughtful ode to trance and techno with a touch of mall grabs unmistakable playful kick drum patterns. A trance renaissance?” Couldn't agree more, Fabio. 

‘Moogie’, the title track, is a thoughtful and unexpected fusion of techno and electro that leaves us with a bit of anticipation, wondering what the pair have in store next. From bending genres to bending bodies on the dancefloor, Moogie pays homage to old school rave music while still being so forward-thinking.

Don't be jealous of their Moogie, you guys.

Pre-order Moogie here.

Connect with Mall Grab / Jordon Alexander: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with Nite Fleit: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram



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