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ANIMA! tease the release of sophomore LP with shimmering electronic number "Overflow"

Californian / South African duo ANIMA! combine the cultural elegance of their respective hometowns to curate delicate, down-tempo ambiance. Compromised of Arielle Vakni and Vicente Espi, the group’s latest release “Overflow” is dressed in shimmering synths and enchanting electronic melodies.

The tracks’ lush electronica and pointed lyricism reminds the listener to be limitless, prompting them with the question: “Why are you trying to fit in a box that nobody opens?”

“When it was written I realised that making music is sort of similar to the process of accepting yourself - you can’t censor or change what comes out of your heart or people won’t relate to you” they explain. “If it’s truly you, people will hear it and they’ll celebrate it. So basically keep being you, and ANIMA! will keep being ANIMA!”

Their vintage electronics and diverse sonic imagery assert an accomplished sense of self - a cultural identity in constant flux.

“Overflow” is out now, with ANIMA!'s sophomore album 'Grow Your Garden' available from May 10th.

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