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James Clayton weaves a tale of a night to remember in "Avalene"

Evocative storytelling comes in many forms- some written, some visualized, and others sung over a rolling swell of pungent notes and distinguished melodies. Using his guitar as as the proverbial pen, rising Canadian singer-songwriter James Clayton is in pursuit of writing the greatest stories ever sung. His latest effort, "Avalene"- premiering here today- tells a story of a euphoric night shared with a best friend, beckoning us into remembrance of a simpler and more carefree time. 

Exposing the complexity in simplicity, Clayton's deftly fingerpicked guitar melodies layer over each other as his supple vocals meander through slow and mid-tempo breaks. Delicately balanced, "Avalene" embellishes its folk sensibilities with its full-bodied instrumentation and vocal inflections, reminiscent of Kurt Vile. Its authenticity is bolstered by the production, as it was recorded off the floor to tape in the pursuit of capturing the essence of a live performance. A Canadian native, Clayton dropped out of college to move to Berlin in 2016, an experience that would solidify his musical identity. Now back in Montreal, he is determined to share his stories with the world, using guitar chords as his pages and his memories as the words. You can expect "Avalene" to be the first of a slew of new tracks coming out this year, with its official release show hosted at L'escogriffe Bar Spectacle in Montreal on May 9

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