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Figure out "The Strangest Thing" with Evangeline

Melbourne's Evangeline releases her first single of the year, "The Strangest Thing," a bouncy electro-pop single that resonates with it's honesty and cuts with its relatability.  

Upon first hearing an Evangeline song, it's easy to become instantly infatuated with the upbeat darkness and her powerful yet gentle raspy voice. From successful collaborations like "Do What I Want" with Donatachi, it's easy to wonder how it took you this long to find her. 

"The Strangest Thing" on the surface sounds like an uplifting track from the pulsing synths and playful percussion, however once you start to devour the lyrics you begin to unravel a story of love and loss. A personal moment of reflection on a relationship where your partner has become a ghost, merely a shell of the person you used to know. “It’s the strangest thing when you’re the stranger I used to know” rings through the chorus as a moment of reconcile with the situation, as Evangeline proves that nothing can keep her down.

"The Strangest Thing" is available everywhere now, but stay tuned over the coming weeks for a ‘Strangest Thing’ music video and a special B-side version featuring guest vocals of Sydney artist, LOVER.

Connect with Evangeline: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Electro Pop · Premiere


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