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Find your place with ePP's new album 'There's A Place For People Like You'

Portland's ePP is back with a full length album entitled There's A Place For People Like You. The latest release from EYRST, a record label specializing in the best hip-hop coming out of Portland, is a record that makes it easy to find yourself in lyrically and musically. 

This album has been a few years in the making but the time away pays off. ePP has spent the time honing his sound and maturing in the process. While the sounds on the album are upbeat and positive. there are also many heavier themes touched on like depression and the struggle of being an artist. Neill Von Tally is the lead producer on the project, creating its sweet beats that are just in time for you to enjoy with the windows down and the system up. A few features also assist to create the sounds on There's A place For People Like You including two spots from rising voice The Last Artful, Dodgr.

This album that is one that is due a couple of listens. One listen you may be locked in on the tales of ePP finding his place in a scene that has often seen repression but continues to fight back, while another you may get totally lost in the production and find time to escape for the 40-minute run time. This album is a strong entry in the discography of ePP as he and his city continue to build momentum. 

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