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Jakk Lumino is set to leave behind a "Legacy" with his debut

Branching out on your own poses a daunting path, with suppressed doubts and impossibly loud questions. London-based producer Jakk Lumino has spent the last couple of years producing for others in his studios in London and Berlin. Finally deciding to release his own solo material, he faces his doubts and asks the burning questions out loud in his debut single "Legacy." 

Mixed by Nils Ruzicka, "Legacy" is an evocative track awash with swelling synths and emotionally driven tempos. The production meanders through layers of lush kick drums and moody melodies, lulling us into a blissfully sated state. The soft but surprisingly gritty female vocals command the track without overpowering it, sweetly asking, "How do you tell your friends from your enemies?" Talking about the track, Lumino reveals that, "trampling over others to get to the top and acquire status and admiration has been the modus operandi of the social climber since time immemorial. We all want to leave a little legacy - so we tread on heads just to help along the way." Decidedly using his music as a platform for critique and observation, "Legacy" is a masterful debut with deep pockets of meaning and astuteness. This is the first from Jakk Lumino, but we certainly hope that it won't be the last. 

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