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Eric Prydz releases first remix in years in taking on CamelPhat & Cristoph's "Breathe"

It's been years since Eric Prydz has released music under his own name - since 2016 to be exact - and longer since he released a remix of someone else's work. Today, after working under alter egos Cirez D, Pryda and event the more obscure TONJA HOLMA, the Swedish progressive powerhouse dusts off his given name for a new spin on CamelPhat and Cristoph's memorable collaboration from earlier in 2019, "Breathe." 

The original features signature deep melodic beats from both parties, with straight to the heart vocals from Jem Cooke. With this new remix, Prydz has transformed the song into something of his own, borrowing melodic elements from his various sounds to create something truly unique and recognizable as his. While this is a big return for his fans, it's probably an even bigger moment for Cristoph, an artist who doesn't keep it a secret his inspirations and admirations for his Swedish big brother. 

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