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Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats blow their tops on 'Anger Management'

Is there anyone more prolific in hip-hop than Kenny Beats right now? Check out his YouTube page and you'll see a list of home-grown, organic, gluten-free™ freestyles with the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Smino, and JPEGMAFIA. Check out any of your favourite rappers' social media pages and chances are, you'll see Kenny's age-ambiguous face gracing their timeline.

Not to be outdone by Kenny, Rico Nasty is making just as many appearances across hip-hop. Her brash and in-your-face lyrics have become a part of her identity—as well as her outlandish fashion sense that seems to change like a chameleon's colours.

Anger Management sees the unexpected collaboration of the two artists connect in all the right ways.

The album begins by asking the listener, "are you tired of the same old thing, everyday?" It piques the listener's interest, before providing some very strong evidence that this thing is going to be harder than your third year calculus class.

The glitchy beats breed alongside Rico's gaudy delivery. The cooperation almost feels like a battle over your ears—Rico's vulgar lyrics are only matched by bass that's so grimy you feel like you have to wash out your headphones after listening to it.

There are so many memorable moments on this thing for a 9-song album with "Hatin" playing the role of the victory lap just 3 songs into the tape—understanding that this is one for the books. The song samples the all-too-familiar "Dirt off Your Shoulder" and boasts the same energy Jay-Z gave us 15 years ago when he premiered the song.

The album is the perfect workout playlist if you plan on pumping out 20 minutes of your most blood-boiling workout ever. Seriously, the album should come with a disclaimer that despite making you feel like a 6'2 bodybuilder, you are in fact an 140 pound human making just your second trip to the gym since signing up in January.

Connect with Rico Nasty: Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Kenny Beats: Twitter | Instagram

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