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TELYKast and Aly Ryan want a "Better" type of love

TELYKast have teamed up with pop singer Aly Ryan to release a riveting bop filled with empowering lyrics. Their new single, "Better" is three minutes and sixteen seconds of electronic magic that features Ryan's playful vocals. In the song, Ryan lays the hook, "I should know better" that goes well with the splash of electronic colors. 

"We all started talking about our relationships and there was one thing that we all had experienced—that one significant other always kept drawing you back in, even when you really shouldn't be going back," the trio said on the track. "It's a chemistry that you share with someone you know might sometimes be toxic for you, but you can't get enough. All of the lyrics are based off of real experiences and feelings that we felt in those moments. We want this song to spark a movement of self-love, self-esteem, and self-care for people who have gone through this". 

Literally living, sleeping and breathing music, TELYKast have rebuilt their bedrooms into professional studios where they produce and record all their music with live instruments.

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