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Madison shares the alluring "Sky High"

US-based artist Madison drops her alluring track "Sky High". Emitting a dance-pop vibe, the track is an empowering number - an encouragement to see the positives in life and step into the light of the world. 

With it's dark electronic elements, the contrasting beats create a powerfully uplifting tune. With an incredibly memorable chorus, "Sky High" is a captivating number to be proud of. Crafting her way through the music world and with a consistent passionate involvement in politics, Madison is making powerful music with an uplifting meaning. 

This track gives you a good excuse to completely let go for a while and experience life. With roaring drum thuds and beguiling electronics, Madison has made yet another enticing track to add to her catalogue of spellbinding work.

"'Sky High' is about the infinite possibility we have when we step outside of ourselves," explains Madison, "How we perceive the world and face our fears defines who we are. This song is a reminder to myself to step outside and go beyond, to let go and fly. Despite these darker times, the world is still beautiful and requires that we push forward and live without fear and embrace the light."

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