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Janette King examines pros and cons of love on '143' EP [Premiere]

Anyone who has fallen in and out of love knows that the experience can be exhilarating, frustrating, and perhaps more than anything else, complicated. Montreal artist Janette King has offered her take on the range of emotions that arise in romance with her new EP 143, premiering today on EARMILK. King is a vocalist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ whose diverse skills make for an eclectic sound on the five-track release as she navigates her own ups and downs in love.

In the first track “Love Another,” which is produced by BrotherNature, King finds herself at the breaking point in a relationship. Over soothing synth pads and a funky drumbeat, she implores her partner to commit more fully or move on. She writes, “Be honest / don’t lead me on / be honest / am I losing you?” Her lyrics come with a sweet vocal delivery, making the emotions in her message even more impactful. The next track “In Vain” acts as a companion to “Love Another,” with King lamenting the deterioration of a relationship as she accepts that “It’s never gonna work out.” The song features a beautifully moody production from Jordan Esau and kelpie. that climaxes on King’s soaring vocals as she asks the rhetorical question: “Why did I try so hard in vain?”

The EP’s centerpiece and standout track is the previously released “Starlight,” a glowing song with pulsing production from Braedon. King takes a more uplifting tone here as she sings about love’s splendor. In the captivating hooks she sings, “We existed in the dead of winter / we existed in the light of spring / we existed in the dark of the night / we existed under starlight.” Braedon offers a gorgeously restrained production that starts minimal with swirling synths and sparse drums and organically builds in energy, culminating toward the song’s close with a full-on house beat that will surely get audiences dancing.

143 closes with the pumping “I Need Love” and then some darker, distorted funk on “Fool.” In the latter, King pines for a new partner with the sensual lyrics, “I could be a fool / I could be yours / I would do it if that means I’d get closer to you.” 143 showcases the cyclical nature of love as it’s bookended by the weighty, pained emotions of “Love Another” and then the more buoyant “Fool” in which King has found a new all-consuming romantic spark. Like love, King’s 143 is exciting, unpredictable, and clearly comes from the heart.

King will be touring the U.S. this spring. Find dates here.

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