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Steve Lawler delivers explosive 'Narna (I Am Happy)'

Play It Say It delivers another stunning compilation with the return of house maestro Steve LawlerNarna (I Am Happy), signals a definitive stance for the producer in reigning in our tech-house addiction with modulated control while upping the ante with an official remix from ABSOLUTE. 

The original "Narna (I Am Happy)", is relentless in its groove, driven by insistent drum loops and glistening hits. As the broody track builds in tension, Lawler grasps hold of the beat with intoxicating vocals, synths slithering in and out for a full-body experience. It's a unique disco delight that surprises in the middle of a heavy tech-house journey, only further amplified in the "Techno Tool" version of the track. Meanwhile, ABSOLUTE.'s remix twists the track into a luminescent funk-fuelled force that absolutely smashes in danceability. 

Lawler has been a reputable house act for decades. As a DJ, he has consistently played at many of the world's top clubs and was a former resident at The End and Twilo. As the head of VIVa, he runs his imprint with skill, releasing music by some of the biggest names in the game whilst continuing to deliver his own stunning productions on various well-known labels.


Connect with Steve Lawler: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook 



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