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FLING takes you on a hometown tour in "Welcome to the City" [Video]

U.K psych-rock band FLING often describe themselves as "wonky pop", affirming that above all else, they like to have fun. To show off this free-spirited attitude, they are premiering the music video to their debut album's opener, "Welcome to the City", right here. 

Telling a politically-driven story of finding an "alien" refugee running away from war in their hometown, "Welcome to the City" emulates love and understanding, neglecting the scorn and muted anger usually found in political declarations. This easy-going demeanour is mirrored in the music video, as we follow the quirky quintet through their hometown of Bradford. The video serves us serious 90's nostalgia with shooting similar to Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch", replacing monkey suits with one fun green alien. 

"Welcome to the City" comes off FLING's debut album, 'FLING OR DIE', released earlier this year. When describing this energetic album, the band shares that it "feels like an audible representation of a brief moment in our lives and how we evoke the best emotions in each other. There's an overall positive undertone to the records that definitely reflects on us as people." 

You can catch FLING bring their colourful bop energy onstage during on upcoming U.K shows:

May 1- Hull, UK- The Polar Bear
May 2- Manchester, UK- Night People
May 3- Birmingham, UK- Sunflower Lounge
May 5- Glasgow, UK- STAG AND DAGGER 
May 18- Bradford, UK- The Mill

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