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Kuri's "The Great Orator" is pure melancholy magic

Kuri releases his latest delicate yet powerful single entitled "The Great Orator". With stunning graceful piano, sweeping strings and warm, mellow vocals this highly cinematic track touches a chord deep in your soul. Wrapping you up in a magical sense of wonderment, this song details the feeling of discovering something no one else knows.

Kuri, a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, describes himself as a keen observer. His deep insight and sonic curiosity help to craft the beautifully constructed 2019 debut album No Village. His classically infused orchestration and free spirited ambition ultimately inspired observation. "I like to watch, analyze, and create systems in my brain," he reveals. "As a solo artist, I enjoy the freedom to express exactly what I want by drawing on what I see."

Indicative of Sigur Rós meets Fleet Foxes, the British Columbia native found himself constantly looking outward. Born Scott Currie in the city of Abbotsford Canada and raised in a small Mennonite community impelled a sense of questioning everything which is palpable within his music.

Currie began writing under the name Kuri in 2017. Known for his emotive and expansive signature sound, he utilizes an arsenal of ever-growing instruments including piano, drums, congas, strings, horns, bass, guitar, and more. "Every instrument has its own language. I try to hone the language of each one," he explains.

"The Great Orator" strains emotionally through his analytical approach with a foundation rooted in organic soundscapes and gentle vocal tone. Take a listen to "The Great Orator" out now.

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