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Donald Glover's repertoire is on full display with Guava Island

Comedian, singer-songwriter, director, actor, and producer, Donald Glover has created a film in a fashion only a few who have walked this earth can ever do. Being the jack of all trades that Glover is so known for being, he had his hand in almost every aspect of his newest film. In Guava Island, the people of an imaginary island experience a revolution and taste a sense of freedom through the leadership of Glover's character.

Guava Island is directed by Hiro Murai and written by Donald and Stephen Glover. It was released in coherence with the day he headlined Coachella last Friday.

Glover plays Deni, who is a radiant musician who aspires to run a music festival on the colorful island of Guava. The film stars Rihanna who plays his girlfriend, Kofi. A overarching love story is narrated as well by Rihanna, who's character longs to one day escape her life in Guava. The island is ruled by the Red family who demands constant factory work and suppresses their livelihoods and expressions. The film's antagonist played by Nonso Anozie, Red Cargo, attempts to handcuff Deni's festival with threats and bribery.

Glover's film contains most of his recent music releases from the past year. As the story progresses, a few Childish Gambino songs are incorporated to drive feelings and points across including, "This is America", "Feels Like Summer", and "Summertime Magic".

Produced by Donald Glover himself, the production was filmed on the Caribbean island of Cuba. Glover continues to be a Swiss army knife and shows his artistic capabilities in several facets on his own project.


The 55-minute film is still readily exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video.



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