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Prada Mack & Geechi are 'Tag Team Champions' on new EP

The newest artists to release from buzzing Oakland imprint Play Runners Association, Prada Mack & Geechi just dropped their first project Tag Team Champions. The two rappers together have a special chemistry that is both aggressive and gritty. With the only two features being from the only other PRA artists, ALLBLACK and Offset Jim, it's easy to see why the EP is so uniquely Bay Area. Prada Mack & Geechi's confidence over the bass-heavy, speaker-shaking DTB production sets the two rappers apart, while the entire EP contains a tough energy that is rarely let up. Highlights from Tag Team Champions include the PRA posse cut "Ante Up" and the opening track, "TLC." Prada Mack & Geechi are heard talking their shit on all 10 tracks, but there's never a dull moment; every song is as exciting as the one before and after it. Still, some songs hear them discussing more in-depth topics like loyalty and work ethic with a rawness that only they can deliver. 

Tag Team Champions comes in support of the upcoming TY4FWM Tour, which will see all members of PRA on tour headlined by ALLBLACK. Check out the project up above and stay connected with the Bay Area artists on their socials below. 

Connect with Prada Mack: TwitterInstagram 

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