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RHYME is "Planning the Revenge (Anonymity Cosmos Shinjuku Dub)" in haunting experimental track

In a wholly raw and new-age experimental collage of sonic expositions, "Planning the Revenge (Anonymity Cosmos Shinjuku Dub)" is RHYME's latest offering in the electronic scene. A 6D Poet and future music artist, the Tokyo-based composer is an enigma that seeks to foster connections in our current digital age, creating a dialogue around our dependance on the Internet, our perception of reality and our individuality as humans. 

"[It's about] how our society breeds twists and plots for entertainment, devouring the youth culture and unnaturally over saturating them from every angle. How lust and revenge, so near their feelings, 'I can't stop thinking about it' are additives to our daily feed diet," RHYME shares. "How addictions have us living online, the small computer that has taken over our world in a big way."

A fusion of alternative and the hyper-real, "Planning the Revenge (Anonymity Cosmos Shinjuku Dub)" opens with haunting Japanese vocals before delving deep into an eclectic, unstructured production of chilling spoken word. Saturated with a medley of synths, the familiar sounds of phones and social media notifications, RHYME flawlessly executes her message while showcasing the future—the intersection of where music meets poetry. From the cinematic interludes to the subtle, languid plucks that riddle the track with chilling ambiance, "Planning the Revenge (Anonymity Cosmos Shinjuku Dub)" leaves a lasting imprint on our minds with its unique audial experiment. 


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Electronic · Experimental


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