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Supa Bwe lays it in with the assist from Chance The Rapper on "Rememory"

Supa BWE just dropped Just Say Thank You and with it comes this stand out track, “Rememory.” On the record, Bwe connects with Chance The Rapper to bring a  natural chemistry we've seen before in their previous collaborations. It's no wonder they both call Chicago, Illinois home. Chance sets the tone in the beginning of the track with silky smooth vocals reciting lyrics like, “Walk in the world/ Walk 'round the world, without you/ Stuck in the world/ What is the world without you?”

As Chance’s verse abruptly ends, Bwe drops in with what seems to be EDM vibes. However, as Supa Bwe continues, he floats through his verse with auto tune assisted bars like, “From the land full of hand signs/ Cup muddy like the landslide/ So I'ma sip 'til I can't lie.” Bwe’s use of auto tune does not sound too distorted to the point where its unenjoyable, a balance many artists struggle to find. Not to mention, Supa Bwe did a hellacious job with his vocals hitting at different notes throughout his verse. Don’t forget to check out the rest of Supa Bwe’s latest project, Just Say Thank You.

Connect with Supa Bwe: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

Connect with Chance The Rapper: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud



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