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Elise Hayes gives an optimistic view on breakups in "Giving Up"

Infectious and empowering, Elise Hayes releases her new single entitled “Giving Up.” Featuring glossy vocals, electro-pop soundscapes, and hooky melodies, it’s an uplifting anthem for the brokenhearted. “Someone leaving you is the greatest gift, even if it’s hard to see it at the time,” Hayes reveals. Proudly singing “You never wanted me to have that haircut, well now I do,” she exhibits her freedom to do as she pleases and there’s something very gratifying in that.

Hayes’s music has been called powerful and inspiring. Her songs combine irresistible pop with R&B rhythms and heartfelt, personal subject matter. Confident in her craft as she has performed since the age of 12, Hayes attended the acclaimed Berklee College of Music as a vocal major and soon moved to Nashville to pursue a career as an artist and songwriter. “My journey in the music industry hasn’t been a straight line to success,” she confides, “I have had to bend and mold and create my own opportunities.” 

She’s acquired success writing songs on numerous TV shows, such as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Freeform’s The Bold Type, MTV’s Siesta Key and many more. Generating songs that live in a unique space in today’s popular music, Elise Hayes has truly come into her own with her standout elevated musical style. Take a listen to “Giving Up” out now.  

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