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BVRGER feeds us honesty and soul on 'BRAINFOOD' EP

Soulful storyteller BVRGER first caught our eye with the introspective "COOPER" single earlier this year, giving us a brief taste of his unique electro-R&B sound. Having finally released his EP BRAINFOOD, we now get to enjoy this full course meal over the span of five electrifyingly smooth tracks. 

The singer-songwriter has always shied away from limiting his music to any one genre, professing that he "love[s] every single genre the same. I don't do favourites, so even in my music I don't focus on one thing only." And BRAINFOOD is certainly an ode to the diversity of music styles, stamped with BVRGER's unique production and luxurious vocals. "NO SLEEP" intertwines guitar layers with a clean R&B composition, slowing down the tempo as BVRGER lulls us to his confessions. Spinning a story all-too-familiar, he describes the monsters that visit us at night- our anxieties: "They creep inside my head to plant a seed|So when they leave, I think they're all I need". Establishing himself as an exemplary for honest and grounded songwriting, "NO SLEEP", much like "COOPER", is a therapeutic refuge for the over-thinkers and nighttime dwellers alike. 

"KISS & TELL" and "CHOP CHOP" pick up in the tempo, layering in more prominent percussions to enhance the lighter subject matter, effectively setting these two tracks up for summer anthem status- a symbolic segue into the trap-inspired closer of this EP, "SUMMER PLANS". This closing track experiments in its production style, blending clinically bubbly keys with a tame trap beat, creating a uniquely polished and sleek sound. 

BRAINFOOD manages to live up to its name, feeding our mental state with encouragement, recognition, and genuine pleasure. While his musical preferences and production styles may change, BVRGER's sultry voice will always lead on, and wherever he goes- we will follow. 

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