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The Internet's Steve Lacy gets intimate in new indie R&B single "N Side"

Hailing all the way from California, the band The Internet informed fans that there will be two solo projects from their music group coming soon. With the recent release of Steve Lacy’s single “N Side”, it seems as though the Compton-native base player may be behind one of these solo works.

On his latest single “N- Side”, Lacy outlines a narrative of him describing his intimate desires during an interaction with a romantic partner. Paired with the soundscape of a smooth base and light drum beats, Lacy vocalizes that he is not at all shy about his sexual wants and sensual commands through his lyrics:

[Verse 1]

Meet me outside of my palace

Don't need no approval, girl, you valid

Let's make out right by my violets

Don't watch me do it, close your eyelids


Inside, inside, tell me, is it inside?

Inside, inside, tell me, is it inside?

My darling

Inside, inside, tell me, is it inside?

Inside, inside, tell me, is it inside?

My darling

Steve Lacy released his first solo project back in 2017 titled Steve Lacy’s Demo. Since then, the artist has collaborated with other notable R&B artists and rappers such as Ravyn Lenae, Goldlink, Kali Uchis, Tyler the Creator, and Solange. His latest track “N-Side” brings the sexual heat to the collection of unique yet iconic songs by the Compton-native.  Nearly two years since the release of his first full EP, “N-Side” also hints to fans that another solo project may be right around the corner.

Fans can look forward to Steve Lacy’s sophomore album dropping soon.

Connect with Steve Lacy: Soundcloud | Instagram | Spotify

Connect with The Internet: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Spotify


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