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TRISHES identifies key human behavior in new EP 'Ego'

Trinidadian-American artist TRISHES has just released her latest EP entitled Ego.  The main objective of the EP is to take a closer look into what defines humanity. It focuses on this reflective idea that there are two sides to the human race. She states, “We are capable of controlling our surroundings, but continuously fall to fate. We try to fix our mistakes, but a little too late. We are smart enough to love but dumb enough to hate.”

The first track on the EP entitled “Money", showcases glittering synths and an array of jingling cash-like sounds simulating a slot machine. TRISHES sings with deep, impassioned vocals about how life is so extraordinary and it’s about more than just money. She explains, “Whether, by happenstance or divine intervention, molecules formed into cells, bacteria, plants, birds, fish, and then beings capable of understanding our own existence. By happenstance or divine intervention, it’s a miracle. Life is amazing. Human life is baffling. It was not created over billions of years for its flesh to be penetrated by bullets in a high school or concert or movie theatre.” The track is a narration of this profound thought that life created money, but money cannot produce life.

Next featured on the EP is “Hydra”. The song highlights sassy, vibrant vocals oozing with attitude atop a persistent, bouncing drum rhythm. With a hip-hop flow of honest lyricism, the song is a portrayal of human resilience. As forward thinkers, we fight for freedom and seek out justice. That deeply powerful meaning is what “Hydra” is all about. A multi-headed creature from Greek mythology, it's the inspiration behind this up-tempo motivational track.  “We have heads like a Hydra and if you run over one of us, you’ll find two in her place.”

Then there’s the hauntingly emotive track entitled “Language”. Featuring effortless stunning vocals, the ballad radiates with raw passionate sentiment. A song dedicated to refugees, it speaks of a connection formed between her and a young girl forced to flee from Afghanistan. Though the girl is still getting comfortable with the English language, they bond through things like food and games. They are able to develop a deep closeness despite the challenge of a language barrier. These tracks, along with a couple others, make Ego a deeply thought-provoking and inspirational triumph.

TRISHES, a project by Trish Hosein, was created to express Freud’s constructs of self (the primal, conscious and spiritual).  Through spoken word, live looping and vocal effects, her unique songwriting, hip-hop beats, and pop hooks study the human struggle through an anthological lens. Hosein has toured the US and abroad opening for prominent acts such as Damian Marley, K. Flay and Neon Hitch. She’s also performed at major festivals like SXSW, CMW, Women’s Red Rock Festival, Cannabis Cup, NAMM and Tune In Tel Aviv. Her dynamic shows leave audiences in awe as she takes them into her imaginative and constantly contemplative mind. Garnering acclaim from fans in Knoxville, Tennessee to Bangkok, Thailand, she’s an exceptional force in music with a distinctive style and enchanting sound. Listen to Ego out now. 

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