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Hildur finds peace in New York City in sentimental visuals for "1993" [Video]

Iceland's best-kept secret is out, and it takes the form of burgeoning pop artist Hildur. As a classically trained cellist, music was never just an afterthought or a part-time hobby. In her latest single "1993", Hildur revels being an artist is a balance of inner realization and starry-eyed self-actualization. This week, she released the New York City inspired video for this instantly nostalgic hit. 

In"1993", we are pulled into an autobiographical self-awareness, experiencing the euphoria of becoming your own childhood hero. When describing the inspiration behind the video, Hildur shares that "[it's] based on the storyline of the song, which focuses on growing up to be who you want to be- yourself. As a kid, I dreamt of being an artist and one part of the dream was to make it in the "big world" and perform on big stages all around the world. The idea came up when I went to New York to play my first show there to shoot the video in NY- which would very fittingly be following up on that childhood dream." Apart from the various scenes of classic NYC scenery (subway, Times Square, Central Park), we are also treated to snapshots of a five-year-old Hildur, already performing and paving the path for her future success. 

Hildur's debut EP, Intuition, is set to be released early this summer. In the meantime, you can savour more of Hildur's storytelling with the recent launch of her new #TrustYourself campaign. Drawing on her own experiences as a woman in the music industry, she has learned to trust her own instincts and talents, sharing her stories with her fans as she goes on. And she hopes to inspire more women to reach their own self-actualizations and share their stories on learning to trust themselves through this campaign. 

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