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Nitti Gritti and Hoodlit offer slick trap banger "Ballin'," featuring Guapdad 4000

2018 marks off Nitti Gritti's most prolific year to date as he rounded the year off with a headlining world tour and official remixes for the likes of Bazzi and Mario. Serving up something different from the earth-shattering cataclysm "Apocalypse" dropped last month, he is back again this week with an infectious trap anthem "Ballin'" with Hoodlit, out via Quality Goods Records.

This release manages to be chilled and powerful at the same time. Right from the beginning, it cultivates a stirring atmosphere with a smooth melody and Guapdad 4000's slick vocal. Driven forward by the rhythmically crisp kick drum, "Ballin'" radiates unique contagious energy as its neat flow calls for listeners' undistracted attention. As the track further progresses, the flickering 808s in the build-up elevate quickly and start pounding your brain into submission. By the time it drops, the unnerving synth sounds unleash the fury at the perfect time. 

Nitti last appeared on Quality Goods a few months back with the similarly wicked "Hush Money." LA-based producer and Icon Collective graduate Hoodlit has also made a powerful debut on Quality Goods last year with the release "The Man." 

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