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Pivot Gang and Smino show us why they're the new "Bad Boys"

"Gang in this bitch like Wolfgang Puck" indeed, Joseph Chilliams. Pivot Gang enlist longtime friend and collaborator Smino on the latest single from the group. The gang also took to social media to announce the album will be released later this month. 

This single finally takes Saba off chorus duty and hands the reins to the vocal contortionist Smino. The chorus reads like a child who's overcome with excitement while sitting in the driver's seat of his parent's Chrysler Sebring with a water gun. It's utterly incoherent, but it's fun.

Each verse once again has each member flexing their strengths. Joseph Chilliams comes in with a verse that's as laid back as a sloth that's just had its meal. Saba pays homage to one of his favourite rappers in the game with the line, "That's on mommas like I'm a Migo," with the patented "Momma!" Offset-inspired ad lib to top things off. MFn Melo shows he has no chill with the verse-opener, "Gritty, young and tender like my chicken, sauce like teriyaki," before finding a flow that settles in somewhere between Saba and Joseph's. Despite all the moving parts on the song, the production's blend of deep, distorted bass, eerie synths, and bare high hats really pull the thing together.

With this latest single, the masters are in, the album is ready. And now we wait—but not for long.

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