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Daniel Ness releases new EP "Shy" on Activia Benz

Out on Slugabed's Activia Benz after a two-year long hiatus. The French-Icelandic, London-based producer Daniel Ness explores his own cultural identity and reclusiveness on Shy.

Perhaps best soundtracking our generations millennial approach to connection and relationships, Daniel Ness' new project Shy embodies duality at its finest. Characterised by a genreless amalgamation of sounds Shy ranges from hard-hitting club-inspired tracks such as "Rash Decisions" all the way to cold reverberated piano lines, and vibrant ambient tones in "Pas là". From multiculturalism, unattained romances, loneliness and alienation, this release in fact grapples with melancholy as a state.  As a result Shy is an impressive collection of introspective tracks. Listen to Shy above.

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Electronic · Experimental


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