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bitbird delivers 'Gouldian Finch 3' in the wake of spring

With their first Gouldian Finch compilation released in 2016, followed quickly by the second a year after, fans of Netherland-based electronic/dance label bitbird have had to wait a tad bit longer for the release of Gouldian Finch 3. Label spearhead San Holo successfully dominated last year's charts with his album1 release, and bitbird can now finally showcase a new anthology of forward-thinking sounds. GF3 is an intrinsically heartwarming collection both innovative and nostalgic, arousing the unexpected in the familiar. 

Known for their wide-ranging expanse of genres that stretches from classical to future bass and the undefinable, bitbird is propelled by the unknown. Gouldian Finch 3 is a true testament to that, affirming the label's affinity for releasing music that speaks to the heart—regardless of where it comes from. From founder San Holo and prominent acts such as DROELOE and familiar bitbird artists Duskus, Analogue Dear and Taska Black, the album also shines the spotlight on Brazil's Marcioz, the return of producer Lindsay Lowend after a five year hiatus, and LA-based violinist YAS' first ever self-produced single. 

"Gouldian Finch 3 is the third iteration of what happens when a group of talented creatives work together to capture a real moment in time, with the goal of preserving that moment forever," shares the label. "Here is our heart and souls, poured into one of the most exciting projects we have been working on. Your ears will take a trip through a diverse and thrilling musical landscape, one that runs abundant with the sounds of violin strings and slinky bass drops, heartbreaking melodies and everything in between. Here, you will truly understand what bitbird is all about."

The beautiful, diverse range of sounds found within the album truly cradles our ears with raw authenticity and power—a sonic resonance that exhibits all the meticulous and exquisite details of vulnerability. From the unique arrangements in DROELOE's "Snow Shovels" to Flaws and ILIVEHERE's soul-warming "morning might turn things around," Gouldian Finch 3 encapsulates the simple things in life, and revels in its beauty. It is indeed music that fits the definition of "forever," a collection of wholehearted emotions and happy wistfulness perfect for lifting your heart up.


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Electronic · Future Bass


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