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Eleni Drake induces a dreamy state of mind on "4"

London-based singer-songwriter Eleni Drake shares her latest whimsical endeavor in the form of "4".

Channeling a mixture of Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald with the contemporary sounds of Jorja Smith, '4' is an exquisite song. Allowing her vocals to lead the way and induce you into a dream-like state of mind, Eleni is a phenomenal vocal creative. Amalgamating laid-back bass beats with a steady electronic melody, the track is an easygoing, carefree track capturing the reality of falling out of a love spell.

“Following the ‘Blue’ EP, this song is about the same person, but I’ve realised a few more things about the person who I once loved, and have come to the realisation that they are a nasty person, despite me painting them to be once such a lovely force in my life in the ‘Blue’ era" says Eleni. "After the love bubble had disappeared, I realised what my friends meant, when they said that person was actually “scum” and how delusional I was to even get into a relationship with this person in the first place."

Eleni's EP Songs On Sundays is out now.

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