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Dieter shakes himself free from life's constant loop on "Up and Down"

Following a seven-year hiatus from the music business, Wisconsin's Dieter is back with his latest track and accompanying video, "Up and Down."

"Up and Down" finds Dieter stuck between the poles of his life. To illustrate this pervasive feeling, the Wisconsin artist brought along Mark Behnam to illustrate a cartoony video of Dieter stuck in a  constant loop.

From working behind the counter at a coffee shop to sighing while trying to play piano and aimlessly walking through a forest, the video for "Up and Down" pins Dieter's emotions to a T. The guy is stuck. No matter what he's doing, he feels off, be it positive or negative.

About the song, Dieter says, "My father passed shortly after the release of my first album, and I struggled to process this loss and the resulting lack of music in my life. It took me a long time to come around, but now I see this as another step in my journey. I wrote and produced Up and Down when I hit a crossroad in my career; it represents my personal growth as an individual as much as it does my growth as an artist."

While the prevailing theme of the song is treading water, the instrumentation feels positive. The percussions are playful and bright, and the strings especially give a sense of upward momentum. It sounds like Dieter is ready to move on.

And move on he will. Coming this Spring, Dieter is set to release a brand new EP titled In Due Time. Until that drops, press play on "Up and Down" above or right here on SoundCloud.


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