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KLANGPLANET takes us on a deep house "Voyage" in new release

Soaring through the galaxy, Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat of KLANGPLANET, ropes us into an unforgettable deep house journey in new release, "Voyage". 

KLANGPLANET opens "Voyage" with an infectious and notoriously nostalgic sample—declaring that it's time for take off. As an astronaut's voice blares over the sub heavy beat, percussions build up to reveal a groovy hook. Effortlessly melodic yet energetic, the producer weaves tidbits of funk and voyeuristic synths throughout for a track that continues to surprise at every turn.

Having started his music career in the mid 90's, Mollat graduated from college as a musicologist before he joined the music industry working a few years for labels like Warner Music Germany. Over the years, his talents for songwriting came to light, signing a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Germany in 2001. 2017 marks his personal milestone as a solo-artist with the launch of his own project KLANGPLANET.


Connect with KLANGPLANET: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

Deep House


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