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In between peace and pain, chaos and quiet, lives Uppermost's "Overcome"

French producer Uppermost has just released his latest single, “Overcome” and, damn, is it beautiful. Utilizing twinkling synths and a slow and steady marching bass, “Overcome” sounds like wonder and imagination distilled into a three-minute song.

“Overcome” sounds like picking daisies on the moon. There’s something majestic about the sounds Uppermost weaves into this one. It’s as if, in the world of Uppermost, there’s a limitless universe of wonder and imagination floating just beyond the horizon. And that even in the calamity of space, with its exploding asteroids and searing hot sun, there’s more beauty than destruction. Because even when a star explodes, or asteroids collide, a shower of light and sparks dance among the debris.

“I’ve discovered that the depth of my music is linked to the experiences I live, especially the most painful ones” the producer says about “Overcome. “Like if you needed to be at your lowest to bring out what’s best in you. Music is a way for me to overcome the negative energy that takes control of my mind when something bad happens, kinda like a silent friend that’s always there to cheer you up when you’ve lost hope.”

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to channel negative feelings into such beautiful music. And as evident on “Overcome,” Uppermost is a virtuoso at doing just that.

Connect with Uppermost: Spotify  | Instagram | Twitter



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