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Join Dezza on a progressive journey through the 'Cosmos' [Premiere]

It's been quite some time since a full-length (19 tracks, no less!) body of work in the realm of progressive truly leveled me, but today that streak ends. I tip my hat to the absolute mastermind Dezza for reigniting my long-dormant interest in the genre with his expansive and truly transportive debut LP Cosmos, out today on Colorize and proudly premiering with EARMILK.

The first handful of tracks hover within a more ambient realm, taking care to establish a rich sonic palette upon which the rest of the album builds. "Apollo" borrows haunting audio from the Apollo 1 takeoff, a fitting otherworldly touch to launch listeners into Dezza's celestial orbit. "Neptune" coats into a deep cerebral zone, a beckoning low end end appearing as if to signal the journey to come. Julian Gray's delicately raspy vocals arrive over a buzzy melody on "Cold Outside," further pushing the needle of energy as the album begins to pick up pace. "A Dog's Dream" gets my award for best song title of the lot, its heart-tingling synths evoking warm images of boundless wanderlust. 

Out the gate with a powerful piano melody followed by sweeping strings, the high flying title track "Cosmos" punches you in an emotional gut while commanding your feet to the dance floor. Pure progressive magic. With a twinkle like a video game power up, "Nova" meets the energy steadily, keeping it flowing into the frenetic "Toadaso" and soulful "Honey." 

As if to signal the space craft's return to Earth, "Home" explodes with welcoming melodies and a majestic build. The journey has been one of wonder and self expression, but now it's time to go home. Kolonie appears for the assist on the markedly darker tone of "Expanse," perhaps a nod to the eerie nothingness that surrounds us. More sublime vocal goodness arrives in the form of Matt Fax on "Sweet Dream" which begs the question, was it real, or was it all a dream? 

The Canadian DJ and producer has graced stages worldwide including Armin Van Buuren's A State Of Trance 900, and was dubbed by DJ Mag as "one of the finest sources of classic progressive you’ll find
anywhere." It feels as though my reeducation into the world of progressive could not be placed in better hands. Bravo, Dezza.

Cosmos Full Track List:

  1. Dezza - Apollo
  2. Dezza - Neptune
  3. Dezza - Lost Touch feat. Jay Andrews
  4. Dezza & Julian Gray - Cold Outside 
  5. Dezza - Juniper
  6. Rob Green & Dezza - Six Degrees
  7. Dezza - A Dog's Dream
  8. Dezza - Cosmos
  9. Dezza - Nova
  10. Dezza - Toadaso
  11. Dezza & Josh Kelly - Northern Star
  12. Dezza - Firefly
  13. Dezza - Honey
  14. Dezza - One More Chance
  15. Dezza - Home
  16. Dezza & Kolonie - Expanse
  17. Dezza - Apparition 
  18. Matt Fax & Dezza - Sweet Dream
  19. Dezza & Josh Kelly - Memories 

Connect with Dezza: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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