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Wantigga tells the stories of Paris's underground artists in "Motion" video [Premiere]

Wantigga has released a documentary style video for the first single off of his upcoming debut album. "Motion" features On The Fence, and the two artists have created an in sync track fueled by the energy of the soul music that Wantigga was raised with in his churchgoing household in Deventer, Netherlands. The track has an impressive air of sensuality and allure, while keeping itself grounded in an a sense of melancholy. Coupled with the debut of its music video, it captures the intimacy of Wantigga's artistry, and the care with which he sees his fellow creators.

The video for "Motion" also speaks to Wantigga's own upbringing with music, an almost solidarity in his self-taught experience. Though influenced by the culture around him, he taught himself to play multiple instruments and set out on a quest his own to learn electronic music and DJing. Such experiences have influenced his relationships with cities like Paris, a place the video highlights."I went to Paris in February to record the video for Motion," he says. "The video tells the story of upcoming artists in Paris, their daily struggles and the facade of social media and nightlife. The video has a documentary aesthetic and the people in it are Parisian artists."

This video provides depth to his current music as well as what to expect off of his upcoming album, which promises further inspiration from the world's global creative communities including Seoul and LA.

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