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Bring out the funk with Gramatik's new single "Still Doin' It" feat. ProbCause

Following the drop of "Puff Your Cares Away," as a celebration of his New York State home's recent road to the legalization of marijuana. Gramatik is "Still Doin' It" with another release for 2019 as he blesses his fans with a hip hop inspired track along with a side of funk.

Initially released as an instrumental in his hip-hop album Sreet Bangerz Vol. 5. Gramatik keeps the same inspired sound of the original track with the addition of the spitfire rhymes from ProbCause, upping the magnetic energy and giving fans a new way to connect and sing along with the track. With a constant flow of killer verses and melodic sounds, these two artists will keep you locked in until the end. Spring is calling to all you old-school hip hop lovers who are in need of a new track to vibe out to on the patio. 

Get funky with Gramatik at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR on April 21st. 

Connect with Gramatik: TwitterFacebook|  Instagram| SoundCloud

Connect with ProbCause: Twitter| Facebook | Instagram| SoundCloud




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