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Adámas' "Change It" inspires us to push beyond our limits

Formed in 2015 in a warehouse on Pico Boulevard and in the heart of Los Angeles' Byzantine Latino Quarter, Adámas began as a sonic/lyrical exploration of sounds and themes between four friends inspired by ‪Fela Kuti, Talking Heads and traditional music from around the world. 

The band's latest release "Change It" is a fusion of sounds and styles ranging from pop and afrobeat to soft rock. Backed by a vibrant Afro-rhythmic section and rich layered instrumentation, "Change It" offers a fresh feeling from the norm. From the moment you hit the play button you can hear the fiery energy à la Fela Kuti - but updated with a modern edge to fit the times. Adámas revealed the concept behind the track as being an exploration of the everyday inner struggles, and ultimately dedicate the song to those who keep going despite the odds they face. The main message of self-affirmation is accentuated by the alluring melodies and infectious groove that inspire and keep you on your toes all at once. 

"Change It" is taken from Adámas' upcoming EP titled Liminal. Get the single on Spotify

Connect with Adámas  : Soundcloud | FacebookInstagram

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