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Amaal’s “Coming & Going” is a spellbinding spring of vulnerability

Drift along the refreshing waters of Amaal’s new jazz-laced melody, "Coming & Going."

“Coming & Going” captures the essence of feeling lost, but found in the arms of another. An honest and stripped down confession about craving companionship without a title, “Coming & Going” is a steamy ballad detailing the need for an anchor in life, not an extra burden.

The Somali-Canadian R&B artist shares the inspiration behind the track: “'Coming and Going' is about being in a relationship that had no defining status. I think a lot of us have been in situations where we should leave but it feels so good to stay.”

"Coming & Going"’s stunning musical tapestry is perfected by the light atmospherics of breezy guitar progressions. Amaal’s honey-drenched vocals are arresting – taking the centre stage rather than dissolving into the track. Examining the theme of desire from the lens of a woman who knows what she wants, Amaal's poetic musings are a soulful cocktail construct of delicate opulence.

Connect with Amaal: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Spotify

Ambient R&B · R&B · Soul


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