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Vitamin String Quartet reimagine Björk's "Venus As A Boy" with playful paper animation video [Premiere]

A totally quirky, fun, and vivid shape-shifting paper craft animation directed by Stefano Bertelli and Riccardo Orlandi. Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) skilfully reimagine Björk's “Venus As A Boy” in strings whilst visually telling the tale of metamorphosis in shapes.

In time for Record Store Day this year (April 13th) Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) are paying homage to the innovative singer, songwriter and composer with Vitamin String Quartet Performs Björk; a wildly, and surprisingly percussive 13 track album featuring incredible creative violin, viola and cello arrangements. In fact, "Venus As A Boy" springs into a new dimension with this newfound audiovisual journey. Perhaps in this sense truly captivating the innovative artistry of the icon. Further celebrating the creation of 'Vitamin String Quartet Performs Björk,' CMH Label Group (home to VSQ) has produced a series of concept videos to compliment the beauty of VSQ's music and honour Björk's rich musical & visual heritage. 


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