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Leah Kate reminds you that it's your ego talking in "WTF?"

Leah Kate releases her bouncy and energetic new single entitled "WTF?". Featuring slick, glossy electronic synths and playful vibes, she details the familiar story of being ghosted by a crush you were texting. The track's hooky melody and bubbly, infectious chorus make it a standout pop success.  

New York City-based Leah Kate is a uniquely distinctive artist who personifies the IDGAF attitude. She's known for fusing her desire to create authentic, relatable music with dance-worthy anthems. 

The singer/songwriter has been on a lifelong journey of confidence and self-identity. Having grown up in Los Angeles submerged in the entertainment industry, she found herself under immense pressure and escaped to New York where she discovered her creative bliss, developing into the amazing artist she is today.

WTF?" focuses on the insecure and confused emotions one can develop from being disregarded by a crush. Leah Kate confides, "I want to remind girls and anyone not to let someone make you think that YOU did something. Sometimes you have to make light of situations and know that it is not meant to be. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at situations and realize it's just your ego talking, you probably don't really give a fuck, be strong." 

Leah Kate has found success performing at both London and New York Fashion Weeks, as well as working alongside prominent industry professionals. With hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams under her belt, Leah Kate is ready to deliver audiences her most genuine and honest vision to date. 

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